School Safety

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Property Assement

Schools should be safe havens where learning is the priority. Administrators, Teachers, and Students are now confronted with the omnipresent fear of something bad is going to happen. You cannot plan for any and all tragic events, but you can plan, implement, and train on that developed plan to be better prepared. Our Security Associate will design a customized security response plan for your staff and your students that will prepare them if a critical incident occurs at your school.         

Moore and Associates will visit your school and inspect the surrounding area to identify any vulnerabilities and other gaps in security. We will suggest any physical security procedures, policies and systems that we know will keep your students, staff and facility safe. We can also help you formulate the most effective lock-down and evacuation procedures in case of emergency by identifying capabilities in classrooms and others areas for protection.

Security Camera

An effective security camera system is vital in monitoring the movement in and around your school. We will review your existing system to ensure it is the most effective possible or offer professional suggestions for the implementation of a system if one does not exist. We stay up to date with the latest safety surveillance technology and know what kind of physical barriers or environmental obstructions can block security camera or natural surveillance.

Fire action

School buildings often have many rooms, staff and students, making it vital to ensure that your fire detection and alert systems and perfectly placed. Fire protection depends on the prompt recognition of a developing fire, and on alerting both the occupants of your school building and emergency services. A fire alarm system properly installed in optimal areas works to prevent fire dangers to your school. Moore’s & Associates will ensure your fire protection system is the best possible and also discuss various exit options with you depending on where the fire may be.

Commercial Services

We assess the entire property and surrounding areas.

Residential Services

The safety of your family and valuables is important to us.

School Safety

We offer advice that will deliver the best value to your staff and students.

Latest Technology

We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure your safety.