Your family’s safety is paramount to Moore and Associates. Our Security Associates take pride in implementing and designing family security plans and strategies that are solely based on your family’s needs. The security plans are based on the same protocols utilized to protect Heads of State, Heads of Government, and Captains of Industry.

Moore & Associates are dedicated to ensuring that your alarm system covers all the areas in your house to achieve the maximum protection possible.

Our assessment will include discussing plans for worst case scenarios and discussing exit options and other emergency preparedness strategies. We will also check for gaps in your security system and other vulnerabilities.


There are many fire detection and alert systems.  Smoke alone may not alert you and your family if you are asleep, but a fire alarm system properly installed in areas that are mostly likely to detect smoke and heat is imperative.  Moore’s & Associates will also discuss various exit options with you depending on where the fire may be.

Glass and movement

Moore & Associates will assess your property and make necessary recommendations to block and alert you of any possible forced entry attempts. Alarm systems should be installed to detect possible dangers such as movement or glass breaking. We will also check for potential safety weaknesses in the placement of glass in your home.

Commercial Services

We assess the entire property and surrounding areas.

Residential Services

The safety of your family and valuables is important to us.

School Safety

We offer advice that will deliver the best value to your staff and students.

Latest Technology

We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure your safety.