Protect your business

Access Control

As a business owner, you know that your greatest assets are the people you employ. In order for your employees to be productive, they have to feel safe in the workplace . With that thought in mind, Moore & Associates are ready to help you keep your office building secure. We ill assess your existing security plan(s) and identify its strengths and vulnerabilities.  We will discuss how best to control access for visitors and employees.  At the conclusion of our assessment, our Security Associate will provide the client with an overview outlining security best practices to remedy any issue. We implement the latest technology to ensure nobody has access to your building unless you want them to. A high-tech controlled access system that implements the latest technology such as card readers can help you and your employees feel safer during the workday and protect any important information.


There exist many different types of fire detection and alert systems. Fire protection depends on the prompt recognition of a developing fire, and on alerting both the occupants of your building and emergency services. A fire alarm system properly installed in optimal areas works to prevent fire dangers to your workplace. Moore & Associates will ensure your fire protection system is the best possible and also discuss various exit options with you depending on where the fire may be.

Health Safety

Moore & Associates will assess your business and make nesessary recommendations to ensure you have the correct techonologies well-placed throughout your workplace to save lives if necessary. Up to date healthcare devices such as first aid kits and AED units are important in respoding to possible medical emergencies so your office should be equipped in the most effective way possible.

Commercial Services

We assess the entire property and surrounding areas.

Residential Services

The safety of your family and valuables is important to us.

School Safety

We offer advice that will deliver the best value to your staff and students.

Latest Technology

We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure your safety.